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 The doctrine about the functional system, which was created and developed by P.K. Anokhin (1975) and his school (Sudakov, 1984, 1997), is an important stage in the development of physiology. But the functional system always seems to give a biologically or socially beneficial result. Some pathogenic systems, such as pathological systems in the psychic sphere have properties and mechanisms that are characteristic for the functional system (programmed result, programmed stages to achieve it, etc..).  Operation of such systems produces biologically negative or socially dangerous result. This suggests that a functional system can be both physiological and pathological (Kryzhanovskiy, 2002).

During the pathogenesis a physiological (normogenetic) functional system can turn into pathological (pathogenic), or a pathological functional system can be formed along with physiological functional system.

In addition to physiological and pathological functional systems, sanological (sanogenetic) functional systems can be formed in an organism. Sanological functional systems can be created (formed) in an organism both during pathogenesis and in a healthy organism under various informational factors.

In a humane organism many physiological, pathological and sanological functional systems may exist simultaneously. The same structures and organs may be included in these systems. They differ because of programs activities (the purpose, the result of activity, the programmed result, the programmed stage of its achievement, etc.). The program (purpose) of activity of physiological (normogenetic) functional systems is to maintain homeostasis, to adapt to external changes. This program can be incorporated in the genetic apparatus of human cells. The program (purpose) of the pathological functional system is death of a person. This program may be in the genetic apparatus of a person (apoptosis) or can be created by external factors that could accidentally create such a program, or purposefully, for example in the war. The program (purpose) of sanological functional system activity is the recovery of a person that can be realized through the destruction of a pathological functional system and the revival of a physiological functional system, or converting a pathological functional system into a physiological one.

All systems (physiological, pathological, sanological) consist of individual elements (molecules, subcellular structures, cells, organs) that perform different kinds of activities on the transformation of some substances into other substances (metabolism), some kinds of energy into other kinds of energy (energy exchange). These transformations (processes) are cyclical. For the regulation of the parameters of one cycle at least 4 signals (signs, commands) are needed. The first command is necessary to regulate the speed of acceleration of a chemical reaction or a physical process, the second command is needed to control the duration of acceleration of a biochemical reaction or a physical process, the third command is needed to regulate the speed of recession of a chemical reaction or a physical process, and the fourth command is needed to control the duration of the process.

In informotherapy the healing factor is the commands (signs, signals) structured (organized, accumulated) in instructions (information) for the cells of a human body for correction of errors in the pathological functional systems and for their transformation into functional physiological systems, as well as for creation of sanological functional systems. Different substances or energy of various physical factors can become information carriers used in informotherapy. A necessary condition for the use of a certain carrier of information is its ability to deliver it to organism receptors which can perceive this healing information. In microgenerator informotherapy the carrier of information is the electromagnetic emission in the range from low to microwave frequency and the receptors are potential dependent ionic channels.

Electromagnetic impulses generated by a microgenerator change ionic conductivity of plasma membranes. Changing the ionic conductivity of plasma membranes of excitatory cells may lead to the opening of the gate of sodium or calcium channels and generation of potentials of action.
For the effective treatment it is often necessary to change the conformation of proteins of plasmic, cytoplasmic membranes, mitochondrias, contractile proteins, RNA, DNA of nonexcitatory cells. In such cases it is easier to carry information by means of infrared and visible light. The method of treatment where healing information messages are carried by means of infrared or visible light we call quantum informotherapy.

 Quantum informotherapy: diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities.

Research institute INMED, Kiev
informotherapy@list.ru www.inmed.org.ua

 Quantum informotherapy involves transmission of information messages using the energy of electromagnetic waves of light and infrared spectrum. 

For diagnostic purposes to test these impacts a device INFORM-QUANT was developed in a research institute INMED . The device has a plug-in module that contains 44 LED cells. The light of each of the cells is infiltrated through a filter, structuring it into a informotherapy program. Each filter has a different structure with a program that has a stimulating or a soothing impact on one of 20 organ systems. Thus, a quantum informotherapy module is similar to a microgenerator cassette in respect of the quantity of programs.

For therapeutic purposes, filters are used which are enclosed in ordinary LED flashlights.
During 4 months we have examined patients with various pathologies and got the following results:
A)The prescription of harmonization of 20 informational channels was used in order to treat . The quantum informotherapy device. The impact zone – a shoulder, a forearm, a thigh. (The effects did not depend on the overlay zone)

1) Decrease of blood pressure as soon as during the first 3 minutes, 10 minutes exposure time, 15 cases;

2) Elimination of pain syndrome with radiculitis, chronic osteochondritis exacerbation. Exposure time 20 min, 11 cases;

3) Obvious reduction of allergy symptoms, exposure time 20 min, 10 cases;

4) Elimination of headache after 10 minutes of exposure, the session lasted up to an hour; pain did not return for several days -4 cases, and in one case, migraine pain could not be removed;

5) Disappearance of symptoms of food poisoning, 3 cases;

6) Disappearance of symptoms of chronic pancreatitis exacerbation, 1 case;

7) Obvious pain relief with renal colic, obvious diuretic effect, removal of hypostasis of legs, feeling of well-being-1 case.
B) Individually selected prescription for informational channels. The impact of a quantum informotherapy device. The impact zone – an upper arm.

1)    Sense of well-being with acute respiratory disease (ARD). Prescription 01.01 + 4.01 + 01.02 +6.01 with periodic exposure for half an hour during the day – 13 cases;

2)    Elimination of a child’s fits of spastic coughing. Prescription 4.01, exposure for 5 minutes – 4 cases;

3)    Relief from neurogenic cystitis, which lasted longer than 1 month. Prescription 20.1 19.0 4.01; of Time of exposure – during the whole night while sleeping, 1 week, during the day a state of health was satisfactory, working capacity remained good, stable remission after 2 sessions of psychotherapy – 1 case;

4)    Disappearance of symptoms of a child’s intestinal colic, prescription 01.04 10.01 01.03 for 20 minutes, the effect lasted for a few hours – 3 cases;

5)   Elimination of allergy symptoms : of nasal congestion, of itching, a 30 minutes session, 2-3 sessions during the day, 12.0 18.0 1.6 prescription, the effect was stable – 1 case;

6) Elimination of symptoms of annual acute gout exacerbation with severe inflammation; prescription 12.0 18.0 13.1 11p.0 01.04; exposure during the night, 2-3 sessions were held ; stable remission – 2 cases;

Standard adverse effects of information treatment in the form of exacerbations were also observed (2 cases). Usually exacerbations were observed if there was strong liver function disorder. The symptoms decreased and gradually disappeared when receiving the sorbent and reducing the time of treatment (with reduction of a dose of information).
Some patients had predictable sensations along informational channels, similar to those under the impact of acupuncture.
The obtained results suggest promising perspectives of application of quantum informotherapy as a quick, painless, highly efficient method, with competent autotherapy of patients and periodic monitoring by informotherapist.